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Author Topic: Fungus Infection  (Read 4762 times)

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Fungus Infection
« on: 25-January-2011 03:06:36 »
Original Post:


this chinchilla had just given birth to 2 small babies 2 months ago and i take note that the babies and her are showing sign of fungus infection.
one of the baby had aparently most of her facial fur drop off. There are some white dry patches (much like hair lices) on their fur. And another is having bald patches on each side of the face.

I had been using anti fungus spray 2-3 times daily and bath them with mixture of ashes and anti-fungus powder (althete foot powder). It should a little improvement at first and condition remain the same.

I understand that Ketoconazole oral suspension works for this kind of infection but where can i get it other than through vet as bringing 3 chinchillas out at the same time to the vet is a major problem since they are easily stress out.

Is there any other solutions to cure this problem?



Hi Min,

We cautiously recommend veterinary medical consultation for any usage of antifungal products that contain generic medicines such as ketoconazole, griseofulvins, or the likes.  These drugs need veterinary supervision on its efficacy, since weighing its advantages and effects against its clinical side effects need to be properly assessed.  Fungal infections moreover, should have been recovered once you tried using these products.  When recovery is in doubt, it is otherwise caused by different microbial entities such as mange, mites, bacteria or mere fur loss due to nutritional deficiencies.  Chincillas, moreover, have more chances of having extensive fur or hair loss when they are under stress, thus minimizing the stressful environment such as lessening interaction with other pets or avoidance of abrupt/ harsh plays with them are recommended.

Cure, though very important, is highly dependent on the real diagnosis.  Usage of drugs should be properly dispensed under veterinary medical supervision especially dealing with small animals since they are very sensitive to dysbiosis on their gastrointestinal system which may complicate or even cause upsets, bloatness or even death.  At this point of time, we suggest to bring over your pets to your veterinarian.

For other related information, please visit and talk to our pet Care Consultants in all our PLC outlets.

Warm regards,

Elieze M. Bauzon, DVM RN


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