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Author Topic: removing calcium deposits & qty of wheatgrass  (Read 1917 times)

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removing calcium deposits & qty of wheatgrass
« on: 13-February-2013 01:31:02 »

Is there any way to remove the calcium deposit buildup on my rabbit's potty? Read online that soaking it in vinegar+water helps, but I'm not too keen to try that cos I'm afraid the sour smell would stay on the potty. Tried using a toothbrush to scrub but it's tough once the calcium deposit hardens.

Also, is there a limit to the amount of wheatgrass that a rabbit can eat a day? Is it okay to feed that for the rabbit's daily portion of fresh veggie or would it be too much sugar intake? She's a local rabbit reaching 6yrs and is fed pellets (Oxbow Basic/T) mixed with rabbit cereal (Supreme Russel Rabbit). What would be her ideal weight? She's not very active due to her splayed front legs but I don't think she's overweight. Just checking to be sure.

Lastly, what are my options for when my rabbit eventually passes on? I don't have a garden to bury her in and it seems so heartless to just throw her away. She's going on 6yrs and I just want to be prepared.


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Re: removing calcium deposits & qty of wheatgrass
« Reply #1 on: 19-February-2013 09:23:32 »
Hi Cheryl,

Calcium deposit cleaning on the potty area may be done using vinegar and water. We suggest to rinse this thoroughly with luke warm water to avoid residual sour smell. Avoid soaps as calcium makes it is less efficient cleansing agent.

With regards to hay intake on rabbits, hay are integral part of a rabbits' diet for proper functioning of their digestive system. The product you made mentioned are ideal for the age of your pet, hence we suggest to provide appropriate amount of food based on your pet's body condition.

In relation to weight, it varies since usually assessing the body condition whether fat/skinny is an important criteria for adjusting the amount of food. We suggest further to have a regular veterinary visit for optimum assessment of your pet's health.

With regards to proper burying procedure of dead pets, there are ideal protocols promulgated by National Environmental Agency on dead pets (http://app2.nea.gov.sg/topics_waste.aspx) or alternatively you may contact your veterinary clinic of choice for burying/ cremation services.

With warm regards,

Eliezer M. Bauzon, DVM RN


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