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Author Topic: Advice  (Read 1098 times)

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« on: 04-February-2013 12:05:30 »

 Sorry, can check with you, As I'm actually playing with my 7yrs old dog. My dog head is at my leg but accidentally the back head slip and the head hit on the floor, which got hitting sound. Will it cause any head injury or pains?

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Re: Advice
« Reply #1 on: 04-February-2013 01:17:42 »
Hi Babykoh,

Two things may possibly happen.

1. Pain, as a result of contusion, which may later seen or progress as a bruise on the point of impact.  Pain can be relative to your dog hence, a prompt monitoring is important.  If the pain is prolonged (chronic) causing alterations on your pet's normal activity, a veterinary medical intervention is highly required.

2. Head injuries that need a constant monitoring to your pet.  Incoordination of gait (walking), and other neurological signs (example, head tilting while walking, uncoordinated gait, and other related signs (including vomiting)) need to be referred immediately to your veterinarian for appropriate treatment.  If these signs are not shown prior to the accidental head slip and shows afterwards, a veterinary medical assessment is highly required to check the extent of such injury.

Hence, for the time being, we suggest to monitor first your dog for these signs. Refer promptly to your veterinarian if signs persist.

For further information, feel free to visit and talk to our Pet Care Consultants in all our PLC outlets.

With warm regards,

Eliezer M. Bauzon, DVM RN


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