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Author Topic: BIRD FEATHER MITES  (Read 6995 times)

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Pet Care Consultant

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« on: 30-May-2012 09:37:26 »

I found out that my lovebird has feather mites and so I went to purchase the birds mite/lice spray for her. Her condition seemed to have improve after the first few sprays so I stop spraying after that. But few days later, she was grooming again and some white flakes were once again observed on the area she groom herself. Her wings would still twitch as though something is irritating benealth her wings and causing discomfort to her. ):

I continue with the spray now but it is not as effective as before already where I can see immediate or good improvement. I am also worried that she may consume the spray solution each time I treat her and overtime there may be some side effects or her skin can get irritated with the solution.

I am quite certain that it is feather mites because I took a sample of her feather and observed feather mites on it under the microscope.

Could you advise me what I should do next?
Thank you so much for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Gui Mei.

Pet Care Consultant

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« Reply #1 on: 30-May-2012 09:37:59 »
Hi Gui Mei,

Please treat your pet bird against feather mites using appropriate medications.  Skin flakings are only sequelae of mites which are normal pathological reactions of your pet's skin. It would take some time for healing process.

If irritation persists due to the spray solution, stop at once and please refer to your veterinarian for alternative treatment.  We further suggest to follow the recommended dose and dosage interval of the product that you are using to avoid unwanted side effects. It is ideal too to check whether product you are using is effective and intended to kill the feather mites based on its active ingredients.

We suggest to do the following:
1. Stop the use of the solution for the time being (unless indicated the product you are using that irritation are normal consequences - usually clearly labeled on the product)
2. Provide your bird with balanced diet coupled with omega fatty acids that may help restore your pet's skin health and vitality.
3. Provide vitamin/ mineral/ immune booster supplements to your bird to support its recovery.
4. If signs, persist refer immediately to your veterinarian.

Warm regards,

Eliezer M. Bauzon, DVM RN
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Pet Care Consultant

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« Reply #2 on: 30-May-2012 10:43:08 »

The active ingredient is pyrethrin. I've googled and found out that it's an insect neurotoxin so it should be effective. :)

The bottle doesn't state the dosage. I spray her twice a day. I'm not sure if that's too much.

Ok. I'll purchase some vitamins supplements from PLC. :)

Thank you so much!

Gui Mei

Pet Care Consultant

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« Reply #3 on: 30-May-2012 10:44:00 »
Hi Gui Mei,

For the time being, stop and defer the use of pyrethrin on your pet bird and let your bird recover for a while.  This is due to the moderately toxic behavior of pyrethrins on birds once overdosed.  Treatment of mites may only be done (i.e. twice a week on a moderate basis) and monthly thereafter, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. Just to highlight since we've mentioned toxicities, it is highly dependent on the concentration of pyrethrins on the product you used as some may require minimal amount while some product requires substantial amount to be applied.

For other related information, please visit and talk to our Pet Care Consultants in all our PLC outlets.

Warm regards,

Eliezer M. Bauzon, DVM RN


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